Data Management

Storing, processing, transforming and tracing data are the basis of the Digital Transformation of any company that wants to become Data Driven, which implies to base its decisions on what the data says. This service stack includes all the necessary processes that intend to organize data in a way that is is prepared to obtain value from it by creating artificial intelligence models and dynamic visualizations that take place in further stages.


At Damavis we are experts at creating data repositories in their natural format in a way that fulfils the specific needs of our clients. By creating this base in a robust and centralized way we ensure that the different parts of the company can use this source of information to develop their own projects.


Data Warehouse

Although Datalake is the basis of Data Driven companies, another layer of data structure must be created to facilitate the tasks of visualization, reporting and deployment of Machine Learning models into live production environments. For this reason, we take care of understanding the problems of our customers in order to decide which is the optimal format in which their data should be stored.

Data Warehouse


Extract, Transform and Load, also known as ETL, is defined as the procedure which copies data from one or more sources to a destination where data is represented in a way that facilitates analytical processes. Basically, ETLs involve the transformation and processing of data so that analytical teams can develop artificial intelligence models as well as visualizations on which the company relies on.


Artificial Intelligence

The statistical modelling of underlying patterns that are present in data is one of the most important actions that companies can take when they want to react to market changes before the competition. Understanding and modelling these patterns provides a great competitive advantage to companies since, not only more correct strategic decisions are made, but these decisions are executed practically in real time due to the automation of these processes.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentating customers properly is key to personalize the company-client interaction. Knowing which segment a client belongs to allows you to optimize the performance of marketing strategies by making possible to offer clients exactly what they need.

Customer Segmentation

Search of Optimal Paths

By applying graph theory we are able to solve problems related to the search of optimal paths in complex systems through the use of specific database technologies such as, for example, Neo4j or ArangoDB.

Search of Optimal Paths

Record Linkage

With the great influx of data in recent years, it is increasingly common to have two or more data sources that refer to the same records but lack a unique identifier to relate them between each other. Record Linkage and Machine Learning methodologies are necessary for the creation of relationships between the records of each of these sources.

Record Linkage

Time Series Prediction

Through classical statistical techniques as well as model deep learning implementations we are able to model any type of time series that has an implicit pattern. Having a prediction about product demands, prices, cashflows and others, despite the uncertainty associated with it, provides companies with knowledge about situations that will have to face in a near future.

Predicción de Series Temporales

Conversion Probability Estimation

Using advanced classification algorithms we can estimate the probability of buying a product in a specific context. These types of estimates are usually very valuable in terms of, for example, eCommerce, where getting a Value Per Click to know how much to bet on a product determines the profitability of an online marketing policy.

Conversion Probability Estimation

Pricing Optimization

As of today, most companies set the prices of their products and services manually. At Damavis we develop intelligent algorithms that are able to understand the market context and change the price dynamically and automatically, allowing companies to react more quickly to market changes to increase their competitiveness.

Optimización de Pricing

Text Analysis

Understanding what customers think about a company in Social Networks provides companies useful information given that they get to know how to adapt to market trends. To that end, an accurate and automatic analysis of large volumes of text provides companies with a source of key information for strategic decision making.

Análisis de texto

Recommendation Systems

Recommending the same products to all customers is something from the past. Through Machine Learning algorithms we are able to fully customize the recommendation systems used by companies so that they know when and what to offer each of their clients in a personalized way.

Sistemas de recomendación

Image Recognition

Image recognition using artificial intelligence models is a more effective, faster and cheaper alternative than processing them manually, hence achieving higher efficiency. Our goal is to create image recognition tools for our customers so they can get valuable information about what is happening in their businesses in real time

Reconocimiento de Imágenes
"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data."

— Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Author of Sherlock Holmes


Our visualization services allow our clients to understand the dynamics of their market at a glance. We use the most modern visualization methodologies that are transmitted through dynamic dashboards and adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence is a term that includes strategies and tools that are used to transform information into knowledge, allowing teams to access and analyze data in order to optimize strategic decisions taken by companies. This term includes good management practices and data processing that allow your company to know through historical data series and visualization tools what is of interest for each department. For this reason, at Damavis we provide the integration service of any Business Intelligence technology given the needs and preferences of our client.

Herramientas de Business Intelligence


A dashboard is an information management tool used to capture and analyze KPIs, metrics or other key points of your business or department in a clear and efficient way. Dashboards are an essential part of the Data Driven target as they help making strategic decisions thanks to visualizations that show direct results and do not require a great deal of time to be analyzed. We are experts at developing interactive Dashboards that adapt perfectly to any need of our clients.


High Dimensions Visualization

When the goal is to observe highly complex market dynamics, we provide visualization tools of multiple variables in detailed graphs, which make it easy to quickly understand what is happening in your market in order to apply predictive analysis techniques and future projections.

Visualización de Altas Dimensiones

Real Time

We know that reaction time is essential to determine, in many contexts, changes in market trends. For this reason, a key point of our Data Management, Artificial Intelligence and Visualization services is that, at the request of our clients, we provide them in real time.