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Damavis was born as a technology startup specialized in Data Management and Artificial Intelligence that has continued to grow to become the benchmark for Big Data technologies for companies looking to adopt a Data Driven approach.

What makes us different? Our team is made up of technical experts in the most advanced Big Data tools who also have a strategic business vision, which translates into a great ability to understand and analyze the needs of each client and determine which technological solution will best suit their business objectives.

Corporate Dossier

The importance of data in business

Many organizations are still unaware of the enormous value their data have and how they can take advantage of it to obtain the information they need to make the right decisions and guide their business strategy.

At Damavis, through proper and secure data management, we guide companies on their way to the Data Driven Stage, helping them to generate added value to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Thanks to our technical and business experience, we know which methods to use in each case to extract all the potential hidden in the data and transform it into a tool capable of making the organization grow based on that valuable asset they already had: their data.



We believe and trust in our team, which will make us achieve all our objectives.
We keep quality as our hallmark.
We are direct, honest and respectful of others, which is reflected in the way we do our job.
We are curious by nature, always keeping in mind that our power lies in knowledge.


To add value to our client's potential by promoting the use of Big Data to create success stories based on efficient strategies.


To be the benchmark for quality and talent in Big Data. A safe bet for the future and success.


To highlight our commitment to the client, to the team and to society through an appropriate, safe, sustainable and responsible use of data.

Damavis Founders


The origin of Damavis

Damavis was born from the idea of five teammates working together on an R&D project where technology played a very important role.

The advantage of being in a highly technological environment, combined with the possibility of working almost exclusively with data, meant that the team's specialization in data lifecycle management techniques was increasing. And, as they developed and put into production Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions, they discovered how important all the information they extracted from the data could be and the great potential it had for the company.

The desire to continue innovating in the world of Big Data to bring these techniques and their benefits to other sectors and the possibility of doing so together with colleagues who share the same vision, were the driving force behind the creation of Damavis in 2018; whose name responds to the acronym of Data Management, Machine Learning and Data Visualization, the services in which the team has specialized throughout its professional career.

Since its beginnings as a technology startup in Palma de Mallorca, Damavis has participated in the creation and implementation of Big Data solutions in both national and international companies, helping them to adopt a Data Driven approach, which has allowed them to grow throughout the Spanish territory and become a benchmark.

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If you want to know more about us, we invite you to read in this post of our blog the interview to David Martín – CEO at Damavis.


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