The right decision lies inside the data. Do you want to get there?

Find out where your business is on the road to the Data Driven Stage and how data can help you build a successful strategy.

Stage 1


In this phase, the company does not make any use of data, it operates "doing things as usual", without considering any other way of operating, which makes it difficult for it to continue progressing. The reason for this stagnation is a certain reluctance to innovate or that the data may reveal possible erroneous strategic decisions that have been made.

Stage 2


Once the data resistance stage has been overcome, the company starts to become aware of the value and potential of the data, so it begins to collect subsets of data and perform basic descriptive analysis but does not lead it to take any specific action.

Stage 3


The company now performs a thorough analysis of its data, drawing solid conclusions about the impact of past made decisions. At this stage, the company is only able to derive tactical value from the data, which means knowing whether to continue doing what they have done so far or to change their strategy.

Stage 4


Here, in addition to the tactical value obtained from the previous stage, a strategic value is harnessed, which means that the company focuses not only on the what (what went wrong?), but also on the why (why did it go wrong?).

Stage 5


In this last phase, once the company has figured out what went wrong and why, the immediate question to ask is, "Given that the data confirms this fact, what do we do about it? Decision-making is based entirely on what the data says, which reveals the unequivocal truth of what is happening in the company and in the marketplace.


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